Canvas, Office 365, PeopleSoft CSS/FMS/HCM, OnBase, Adobe Experience Manager(AEM), EvaluationKit, Adobe Sign, etc.

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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Information regarding Adobe Experience Manger (AEM), BGSU's website content management system.

Software Purchasing Information

Guidelines & information regarding purchasing new software for University use, the software purchase review process, software support criteria, license tracking, etc.


Details on requesting access to the 25Live classroom scheduling application.

Academic Scanning

Articles covering bubble sheets/Scantron sheets, reports, answer keys, results, etc.

Academic Works

Student scholarship search application.


Articles regarding using Adobe software at BGSU.

Adobe Sign

Learn how to use Adobe Sign, a Digital Transaction Management (eSignature) application for the signing and sending of electronic documents.


Use these articles for assistance using Avalon, an online service that provides round-the-clock access to streaming audio and video content.


Helpful information on using BGLinux for your instructional computing needs.


Information about what Bitlocker is and how it is used to protect your device.


General information and training articles on using the Bridge enterprise training system.


Self-help articles for downloading, using and troubleshooting the CampusClear application.


Articles to assist you with using the Camtasia screen recording and editing application.


Self-help guides and information on the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), including: Canvas quizzes, rubrics, supported browsers, roles and more.

To log in to Canvas follow this link:

For information on Canvas training visit

Chrome River

How to access and use Chrome River for University expense tracking.

Course Evaluation (Formerly EvaluationKIT)

Course Evaluation is the chosen online platform for providing course evaluation services to BGSU. Use these articles for assistance using the tool.


Information regarding CrashPlan. CrashPlan is a continuous backup solution configured to periodically backup the contents of the primary user’s home folder on their University-owned, primary device. Folders backed up include: Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Music, Videos (Windows devices) and Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Movies, Pictures, Music, Public (macOS devices).

Four Winds

Self-help guides and Content Manager instructions for BGSU's digital signs.

ITS Chatbot/Chat Tool

Information regarding the ITS chatbot/chat tool powered by


information for utilizing the BGSU ListServ mailing lists. For detailed vendor guides, go to

Localist (BGSU Calendar)

Articles regarding the BGSU event calendar, powered by Localist.
The BGSU event calendar is located at


Information on the Matlab software including installation instructions and a list of Matlab modules


Information on using Minitab at BGSU.

Navigate Scheduling System

Information regarding the Navigate Scheduling System, formally Student Success Collaborative (SSC).

Office 365

Helpful information for utilizing Office 365 at BGSU, including: Microsoft Office, SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and Outlook.


Articles relating to the OnBase digital imaging system.


Articles and training information related to using PeopleSoft CSS, FMS, HCM and Queries.

Power BI

Information about Power BI, a Microsoft analytical tool that allows users to connect to various sources of data and transform them into shareable visual reports and dashboards.

To request a workspace or a department group, to request to ADD OR REMOVE users to a department/group/workspace or to request help setting up a data source please submit a Power BI Request form here:


Qualtrics is a survey application that allows the user to build surveys to gain insight into areas such as institutional assessment, faculty evaluation and student satisfaction. Survey capabilities conditional display logic (e.g. only show a question based on the response of another question) branch and skip logic. Triggers can be set to produce email messages based on a response to a question, surveys can be distributed through anonymous links and can be set to produce automated thank yous and reminders. The tool offers a variety of reporting options for analyzing data gathered and is managed by the Office of Institutional Research (IR).

Remote Device Access Tool

Helpful information on using the ITS remote device access tool.

SAS (Statistical Analysis System)

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is used to run large statistical operations and return data.

Top Hat

Information on using Top Hat, a web-based teaching platform and classroom response system.


Instructions for using the Turnitin feature in Canvas.

Video Insight

Informational articles on using Video Insights, BGSU's secure video camera system.


KB articles to help when using VirtualBox


Self-help guides for using ZDAM, BGSU's digital asset management solutions


Guides and information on setting up and using Zoom for conferences, meetings, webinars, and virtual events.

Articles (13)

Pinned Article Lists of BGSU Provided Software

The link contained within this article help you find software BGSU has to offer.

Accessing the BGSU Self Service Application (Mac Devices)

Instructions for accessing the BGSU Self Service app on a University-owned Mac device, including how to install applications.

BGSU Blogs

Information about BGSU's blogging platform.

Dictation Software

Information on Windows/Mac dictation tools.

EAB APS (Academic Performance Solutions)

Information regarding the EAB web app in MyBGSU.

Google Classroom/Google Account

Information regarding the support of Google Classroom/Google Accounts.

Guidelines for Self-Service Applications

Criteria necessary for an application to be available for self-service installation at BGSU.

How Do I Request to Purchase a Constant Contact Account?

Information on purchasing a Constant Contact account.

NeoEd Administrative Access

Information on accessing NeoEd as a hiring manager.

Obtaining a Windows 10/11 License Key (Students Only)

This guide will help you obtain your Windows 10/11 license (students only).

Requesting Lenel OnGuard Access

How to request access to Lenel OnGuard/

RetroScan Universal 4K Mark-II Movie Scanner System

The theatre and film area has a film scanner: RetroScan Universal 4K Mark-II Movie Scanner System. This device is attached to a computer and uses the software: RetroScan Universal Mark-II (formerly called MovieStuff) and is used to transfer/scan movie film into a digital format.

Where Can I Get Free AutoDesk Programs?

Student instructions for obtaining educational and student access to AutoDesk programs.