Self-help guides and Content Manager instructions for BGSU's digital signs.

Articles (8)

Four Winds: Adding Content to Digital Signs

How to add content to digital signs.

Four Winds: Deployment Behavior Options

Details about the various Deployment Behaviors available in the Four Winds content manager.

Four Winds: Digital Sign Size Restrictions

Implications relating to content creation and digital signage screen size.

Four Winds: How Long Does Deployment Take?

Information on the duration of deployment time.

Four Winds: Saving Content For Upload

Information on where to save digital signage content.

Four Winds: Sign Playlist Best Practices

Best practices to reference when organizing Four Winds playlists.

Four Winds: Using Templates

Information on Four Winds templates.

Four Winds: What Is the Scale Mode "Center and Shrink-to-Container"?

Information regarding Scale Modes in the Four Winds content management system.