Self-help guides and Content Manager instructions for BGSU's digital signs.

Articles (8)

Adding Content to Four Winds Digital Signs

How to add content to digital signs.

Best Practices for Four Winds Sign Playlists

Best practices to reference when organizing Four Winds playlists.

Digital Sign Size Restrictions

Implications relating to content creation and digital signage screen size.

Four Winds Deployment Behavior Options

Details about the various Deployment Behaviors available in the Four Winds content manager.

How Long Does Deployment Take for a Four Winds Sign?

Information on the duration of deployment time.

Saving Content to Upload to Four Winds

Information on where to save digital signage content.

Using Four Winds Templates

Information on Four Winds templates.

What Is the Four Winds' Scale Mode "Center and Shrink-to-Container"?

Information regarding Scale Modes in the Four Winds content management system.