Information about Power BI, a data visualization tool.

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Pinned Article What is Power BI?

Information about the Power BI tool.

Accessing Power BI

Instructions for accessing Power BI

Adding a Spotlight to a Power BI Report

Instructions outlining how to add a spotlight to a Power BI report.

Adding Filters to Power BI Reports

Details regarding Power BI filters and how to use them.

Power BI Dataset/Semantic Model

Explanation of a dataset/Semantic model.

Power BI Interaction Points

Information on Power BI visual interactions.

Power BI Security

Information about Power BI access roles/security.

Power BI Workspace

Information about Power BI workspaces.

Print Billing Power BI FAQ

Power BI Print Billing frequently asked questions.

Using a Slicer in Power BI

Instructions for using the slicer tool in a Power BI report.

Using Focus Mode and Full Screen Mode in Power BI

Details about Focus Mode and Full Screen Mode in Power BI.

Using Pins in Power BI

Information on using the pin tool in Power BI.

View Print Billing Reports in Power BI

Instructions for viewing department print billing reports in Power BI.

Viewing a Power BI Report/Dashboard

Instructions for accessing a Power BI report or dashboard.

What Type/Format of Data Does Power BI Support?

Filetypes supported by Power BI.