Self-help guides for using ZDAM, BGSU's digital asset management solutions

Articles (17)

Accessing ZDAM

Information on accessing the ZDAM application.

Creating a ZDAM Collection

Instructions for creating a ZDAM collection.

Digital Asset Management Directory Access

Information on accessing the BGSU digital asset directory.

Editing the Metadata of a Single Asset in ZDAM

How to edit the metadata of a singular asset.

Editing the Metadata of Multiple Assets in Bulk in ZDAM

Instructions for editing metadata in bulk in ZDAM.

Moving a Collection to Another Directory in ZDAM

Instructions for moving a collection to the directory in ZDAM.

Moving a Folder or Single Asset in ZDAM

Instructions for moving an asset or folder to a new location in ZDAM.

Saving a Search in ZDAM

Instructions for saving a search in ZDAM

Sharing a Collection in ZDAM

Information on sharing ZDAM collections.

Sharing a Single Asset in ZDAM

Self-help steps for sharing a single asset in ZDAM.

Uploading Files to ZDAM

Instructions for uploading files to ZDAM.

Using MultiSelect in ZDAM

Instructions for selecting multiple ZDAM assets at one time.

Using the Advanced Search Feature in ZDAM

Instructions for using the ZDAM Advanced Search tool.

Using the ZDAM Anywhere / Any Type / Any Field

Information on using the Anywhere / Any Type / Any Field to search ZDAM.

Using the ZDAM Search Bar

Information regarding the ZDAM search bar.

ZDAM Search Options

ZDAM search video tutorial and documentation.

ZDAM Special Search Terms

Special search term/functions for producing ZDAM search results.