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A/V & Conference Equipment Checkout Request

Use this page reserve audiovisual and/or conference equipment.

Auxiliary System Application Support Request

Request support for a BGSU Auxiliary System.


BGLinux Account Request

This page provides direction for obtaining an individual BGLinux account.

BGSU Fax Server Number and Account Request

Request a new number and account for the BGSU fax server.

Bridge Account Management

The process for requesting the elevation of a Bridge account.


Canvas Admin Access Request for Assessment Review

Use this page to request administrative access for Assessment Review.

Canvas Commons Group Request

Use this page to request the creation of a Commons Group in Canvas Commons

Canvas Course Template Request

Use the form on this page to request a Canvas course template.

Canvas Instructor Content Request

The process for authorizing ITS to copy instructor content in Canvas for another instructor.

Change Access to Office (Shared) Email Account/Calendar

Add or remove individual access to an office/shared email account or calendar.

Change In Telephone Service Request

Submit a request to change an existing BGSU telephone service.

Cisco Jabber (Softphone) Assistance

Use this service to request assistance with Cisco Jabber.

Classroom Training Request

Guidelines for requesting classroom technology equipment training.

Classroom/Lab Software Install Request

Request new instructional software, or request an upgrade to existing software for a BGSU computer lab, classroom, or mobile device cart.

Computer Lab Change Request

The process for requesting changes or upgrades to existing computer labs, or to request setup of a new computer lab.

Convert Physical Fax Line to BGSU Fax Server Request

Convert your physical fax line to the BGSU fax server.

Create BGSU Account

Create a new BGSU Account here and learn more about the services provided and accounts that sync with your BGSU Account.


Electronic Signature Access/Security Request

Request new, change existing, or remove access to electronicsignature applications

Electronic Signature Assistance Request

Request assistance with electronic signatures, including creating a new template/form, modifying an existing process, etc.

Email and Calendar: Setup/Assistance (Personal)

Use the information provided on this page to access your account via the web, a program, or your mobile device.

EvaluationKIT Department Account Request

Request an EvaluationKIT department account.

EvaluationKIT: Request Security Change

Instructions for requesting access changes for a department EvaluationKIT account.


Falcon Info: STARS Access Request

Use this page to request access to Falcon Info:STARS

File Share Request

Use this service to request a new file share be created, or to make changes to existing file shares.

Firelands Request

BGSU Firelands Technology Support Services (OTSS) offers a variety of services for use by any BGSU student, faculty, or staff member. You will use this page to submit work requests to OTSS for services on the Firelands Campus.

Four Winds Account Request

Request a Four Winds account to begin updating your department's digital signage.

Four Winds/Digital Sign Assistance or Decommission Request

Request assistance with a Four Winds digital sign or software, or the decommissioning of a digital sign that is no longer needed.  If this is an immediate need, please call ITS at 419-372-0999.

Four Winds/Digital Sign Request

Use this page to request a new digital sign for your department.


Hosted Conference Call Request

Request a large capacity hosted conference call number for calling into meetings.


International Travel Laptop Request

The process for requesting a laptop for use when traveling internationally for university business.


ListServ Request

The process for requesting the creation of a ListServ.

Please Note: BGSU listserv list owners must be active BGSU account holders and the associated BGSU account must be used to moderate lists.


MS Bookings Site Request

Request a Microsoft Bookings site for your department/team.

MyBGSU Self Service Link Request

Request a link to your service be added to the MyBGSU portal.


Network Wiring/Configuration Request

Request a new data drop or BGSU Internet Connection (BIC) be installed in your office or facility.

New Office (Shared) Email Account/Calendar Request

BGSU can provide a shared office email or group calendar account. All email accounts come with calendars, but it is possible to set up a calendar without an attached email account.

New SSO/SSO Change Request

Submit a request for a new single sign-on configuration or modification to an existing one.

New Telephone Service Request

Request the installation of a new BGSU telephone service.


Office Printer Request

Faculty and staff may request a new printer or multi-function device for their department office.

If you would like to have an existing printer picked up or removed, please contact BGSU's print vendor, ComDoc, at this link:


PeopleSoft Access Request (CSS/FMS/HCM)

Review this page for information on obtaining PeopleSoft Access, including CSS, FMS or HCM Access.

PeopleSoft Query Assistance Request

Query is a PeopleSoft end-user reporting tool that will allow users to write reports in order to extract information from FMS and CSS. Use this service to request assistance writing or running a Query.

Power BI Reporting

Use this service to request the creation of a new Power BI report, or to request changes to an existing Power BI report.

Power BI Request

Request a Power BI workspace, add users to a workspace or request assistance setting up a data source.

Project Evaluation Request

Use the form on this page to submit a Project Evaluation Request to ITS. By submitting this request you are committing to serve as the project’s designated representative and must present this request to the SIC for approval as part of the project governance process before the project can begin. Please note that SIC committee meetings occur the first Tuesday of every month at 4 p.m.


Qualtrics Account Elevation Request

Instructions for requesting to elevate a Qualtrics account.


Remove Telephone Service

Submit a request to discontinue/remove a current telephone service.

Report AEM Issue

Report an issue with AEM, BGSU's Content Management System.

Report Avalon Issue

Use the form on this page to report an issue with the Avalon application.

Report BGSU Calendar Issue

Report an issue with the BGSU event calendar.

Report BGSU Website Issue

Report an issue with the BGSU website

Report BGSU Website Issue (Public Users)

This service offers a means for the general public to report issues with the BGSU website.

Report Classroom Technology Issue

Use this page to report an issue with technology in a BGSU classroom. Issues may include audio problems, touch panel issues or picture/blue screen issues.

Report Classroom/Lab Software Issue

Use this page to report an issue with software installed on a lab, mobile device cart, or classroom computer.

Report Data Warehouse Data Error (Falcon Info: STARS)

Use this service to report a possible data error within the data warehouse.

Report Data Warehouse Function Issue (Falcon Info: STARS)

This service is to allow data warehouse users to report problems with the way the data warehouse is functioning.

Report Electronic Signature Issue

Report an issue with an electronic signature application.

Report EvaluationKIT Issue

Complete the form on this page to report an issue with EvaluationKIT.

Report Issue/Request Assistance with SharePoint Sites & MS Teams

Report an issue or request assistance with your SharePoint Site or Microsoft (MS) Team.

Report MyBGSU Issue

Report an issue relating to the MyBGSU portal. This should not be used for login issues.  Please contact ITS support for lockout or login issues.  Typically access issues can be resolved by clearing your browser cache.

Report Qualtrics Issue

Use this service to report an issue with Quatrics

Report Telephone/Voicemail Malfunction

Report a malfunction with University telephone/voicemail equipment or services.

Report Video Insight Issue

Report an issue with the Video Insight tool.

Report Web Report Library Issue

Report an issue with Web Report Library.

Report ZDAM Issue

Use this service to report issues with the ZDAM application.

Request Modification to Existing Report (Falcon Info: STARS)

Use this page to request a modification to an existing data warehouse report.

Request New Report/Analysis (Falcon Info: STARS)

Request a new report/analysis for development within the data warehouse.

Request New SharePoint Site/MS Team

Interested in using Sites or MS Teams for collaboration within your department or group? First you must request a site from Information Technology Services (ITS).

Request Print Responsibly/PaperCut Report for Office Printer

Additional Print Responsibly/PaperCut reporting for department billing charges.

Reset Voicemail PIN

Use this page to reset your BGSU voicemail PIN.

Residence Hall Telephone Line Request

Use this service to request a student telephone line be added to their residence hall room.


Software Procurement Request

Use this service to procure software not currently offered/owned by the University.
*Please note: Software procurement requests typically take a minimum of 45 days to be routed through the approval process.*
**You will be contacted throughout this process; please be sure to reply to any additional requests for information.**

Student Laptop Loan Program

Use this form to check your eligibility for our Student Laptop Loan Program


Telephone Billing Corrections/Changes

Information on making corrections or changes to telephone billing.

Telephone Directory Change Request (Faculty/Staff Data)

Request changes be made to your faculty/staff data listed in the BGSU Telephone Directory.

Telephone Display Change Request

Submit a request to change the display on a University phone.

Temporary Network Jack Request for PCI Network (Cash Registers)

Use this page to request temporary access to the PCI network for your register(s) that accept credit card payments.

Transaction System Enterprise Account Request

Use this page to request access to Transaction System Enterprise (TSE)

Turnitin Instructor Account Request

Use this service to request a Turnitin instructor account.


University Advancement Report Request

The process for requesting a University Advancement Report.

University Device Move/Return Request

Request assistance moving your computer or telephone equipment to another location on campus, or to return an unneeded device to ITS inventory.

As of Spring Semester 2021, ITS no longer assists with computer/equipment moves for large construction projects. Logistics firms should be involved to assist. Please contact the Office of Planning, Design & Construction for more information.

University Device Request

**Please note: due to a global chip shortage, Dell has reported that lead times for devices, monitors and certain accessories may be delayed by up to two months.**
Request a University-owned device such as a laptop or monitor. This could be a purchase or quote request, a replacement device request, a request for a new hire (faculty or staff), a device add-on/accessory request for current employees, requests for devices for a University event, and/or a request for a student/shared device.
View this article for more information on what is included with University laptops:

University Device Software Installation Request

Use this service for new software installs after reviewing the standard office software available for installation on University-owned employee or shared computers.
Device owners should submit requests for software installation on their device(s). Supervisors/faculty should submit software installation requests for student/shared devices.


Video Insight Access Request

Use this service to request access to the Video Insight secure video camera system


Web Report Library Access Request

Use this page to request access to the BGSU Web Report Library

Web Report Library Training

Request access to Web Report Library training and review documentation.

Whitelisting and [External] Tag Removal

Use this page to request an external email account be whitelisted.


ZDAM Account Request

Use this form to request a ZDAM account.

ZDAM Department Space Request

Use this service to request a new department space in ZDAM.

Zoho Assist Access Request/Report Issue

Use this service to request/change Zoho Assist access or to report an issue with Zoho Assist

Zoom Secure Account (HIPAA Compliant) Request

Use this service to request a HIPAA-compliant BGSU Zoom account.