Remote Device Access Tool Request/Report Issue

Who can use it?

BGSU Athletics and ITS staff.

What is it?

The process for requesting/changing access to or reporting an issue with BGSU's remote device access tool.

How to request it?

Please submit the request form on this page. 

How to use it?

Once technician account access is configured users can download the tool here and login to the application with their BGSU username/password. Please note, this tool uses single sign-on (SSO) authentication. 

For more information on our remote device access tool, please review the information below.

Using the Remote Device Access Tool

How much does it cost?

Cost is based on Unattended and Remote Assistance licensing. There is no cost to end users. 

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Wed 9/22/21 12:58 PM
Thu 4/27/23 1:10 PM