Change In Telephone Service Request

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Who can use it?

BGSU Faculty, Staff, & Students working on campus.

What is it?

The process for submitting a request to change an existing telephone service.

Where to get it?

To submit a request to change existing telephone service, please complete the "Change Phone Service" form on this page. Your department's budget administrator's approval is required before filling out this form. 

How to use it?

Based on information provided in this form, a case ticket will be generated to address your request, and you will receive an email confirming the case ticket.  If you are moving your phone to a new location on campus, you may move it yourself without contacting the TSC. For more information on using your university telephone, please review the articles below.

General Telephone Information

Telephone Equipment Service Charges

How much does it cost?

There are no costs associated with this service.

Change Phone Service


Fri 5/15/15 2:32 PM
Tue 3/10/20 10:15 AM