EvaluationKIT: Request Department Account

Who can use it?

BGSU Academic Areas

What is it?

The process for requesting an EvaluationKIT department account. 

Where to get it?

Please click the "Request Account" button on this page and fill out the corresponding form. 

By using the form you are certifying that you are the the authorized representative to manage course evaluations for the academic unit requesting the account or have received authorization from the appropriate party to make this request.

How to use it?

To access all of the tools and online training available for EvaluationKIT, the client will need to load the Canvas course. This course can be found under the "All Courses" link and is named "EvaluationKIT Administrators". The tool itself is accessed by selecting the left navigation item labeled "Course Evaluations". If you are unable to see this course in Canvas, please complete the "Request Account" form on this page. 

This course contains the following:

  • A link to the EvaluationKIT tool
  • Customized training videos and guides developed by BGSU
  • Sample messages to send to students
  • A full support portal from EvaluationKIT, including video documentation

How much does it cost?

There is no cost associated with this service.

Request Account


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