Articles (15)

Do I Have to Authenticate Using Duo Every Time I Check My Email?

How to configure Duo so that you do not need to authenticate every time you check your email.

Duo Authentication Restrictions in OFAC-Regulated Countries

Information on Duo-authentication from OFAC regulated countries/regions.

Duo Authentication When Accessing a BGSU Test Account

User instructions for how to use Duo authentication when accessing a BGSU test account.

Email Applications That Support Duo Two Factor Authentication

A breakdown of the email clients that support Two Factor Authentication for BGSU email.

How Do I Add a New Mobile Phone/Tablet (Different Phone Number) to Duo?

Instructions for adding a new device with a new phone number to Duo (if you still have the old device).

How Do I Purchase a Two Factor Token?

The process for purchasing a Two Factor Authentication security token.

How Do I Use a Two Factor Authentication Security Token?

Instructions for using a security token for Two Factor Authentication.

Where Do I Find the Duo QR Code?

Instructions for locating the Duo new device configuration QR code.

Can I Access Canvas Without Using Duo?

Information about accessing Canvas with Two Factor Authentication protection

I Forgot My Duo Device at Home, How Do I Authenticate?

How to authenticate when you have forgotten your registered Two Factor device.

My Duo Device has been Lost/Stolen/Destroyed

How to proceed if your Duo authentication device is no longer available

How Do I Add a New Duo Device (Same Phone Number)?

Instruction on how to add a new device with the same phone number to the Duo Authentication system

How Do I Use Duo Outside of the United States?

Setting up Duo on your mobile device to be used outside of the United States.