Self-help articles for utilizing Canvas quizzes.

Articles (7)

How to Create a Canvas Quiz Question Bank

This guide will show you how to create a question bank within Canvas. A question bank can be used to create a randomizes question quiz.

How to Give a Student Additional Attempts on a Quiz

Information on how to give extra attempts to a student(s).

How to Give a Student Extra Time on a Timed Quiz

Instructure Canvas guide on how to provide more time for quizzes for a particular student(s).

How to Move Quiz Questions Into a Question Bank

Instructions for moving quiz questions into a Canvas Quiz question bank.

Randomizing questions/answers in Canvas

Use this guide to learn how to set a quiz within Canvas to have randomized questions and answers.

Remote Assessment

Information regarding remote assessment tools at BGSU.

Restricting Canvas Quizzes by Location

Restricting access to Canvas quizzes based on location.