Articles on setting up and administering Canvas quizzes.

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Copying a Canvas Quiz With Respondus Lockdown Browser From One Course to Another

Information regarding copying Canvas quizzes with Lockdown Browser added.

How to Create a Canvas Quiz Question Bank

This guide will show you how to create a question bank within Canvas. A question bank can be used to create a randomizes question quiz.

How to Give a Student Additional Attempts on a Quiz

Information on how to give extra attempts to a student(s).

How to Give a Student Extra Time on a Timed Quiz

Instructure Canvas guide on how to provide more time for quizzes for a particular student(s).

How to Randomize Questions in Canvas Quizzes

Use this guide to learn how to set a quiz within Canvas to have randomized questions and answers.

Installing Respondus Lockdown Browser On a Personal Device

Use this article to download and install the Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Respondus LockDown Browser Installation Error (Mac)

Instructions for resolving Respondus LockDown installation error on a Mac.

Restricting Canvas Quizzes by Location

Restricting access to Canvas quizzes based on location