Information regarding your BGSU username, password and security settings as well as general information about the MyBGSU portal.

Articles (21)

Accounts that may not sync with your BGSU Password

A list of accounts that may not sync with BGSU passwords

BGSU Address Change Confirmation Message

Information on the BGSU Address Change Confirmation message.

Guidelines for Creating Security Questions

Guidelines for creating strong security questions for password resets and account validation.

How can I change my BGSU username?

Use this guide to determine the policy of username change at BGSU.

How Can I View My 1098-T?

Guide will show you how to view your 1098T form.

How Can I View My W-2?

Use this guide to view your w-2.

How Do I Add Classes in MyBGSU?

This article can be used to add and enroll into classes at BGSU via the MyBGSU portal.

How Do I Add Money to BG1 Bucks Account?

Guide contains a link to BG1 Bucks office on how to add money to your account.

How Do I Add Myself to a Wait List?

Use this article to add yourself to a wait list for a class that is full.

How Do I Change My Address in MyBGSU?

Guide on how to change your home address, contact information, etc.

How Do I Change My Password Via MyBGSU?

How to reset your password through they MyBGSU portal. Use this guide if you are able to successfully login to MyBGSU.

How Do I Check My Final Grades?

Follow these steps to check final grades

How Do I Order Transcripts?

Information on ordering BGSU transcripts

How Do I Withdraw From a Term Online?

Instructions for withdrawing from a term online

How to Reset Your Security Questions

This article can be used as a guide to reset your security questions.

Issues Signing Into Student Center

Try this solution if you are experiencing issues signing into Student Center

MyBGSU: How Do I Submit Final Grades for a Course?

Guide contains link to Office of Registration and Records on how to submit final grades.

MyBGSU: What are Falcon Dollars?

An explanation of Falcon Dollars

Retrieving Forgotten BGSU Password

Steps for retrieving your forgotten BGSU password

Things to Remember After you Change your BGSU Password

A list of things to remember after updating your BGSU password

Where can I find my Exam Schedule?

Use this article to help find your final exam schedule.