Self-help guides and general information regarding University telephones.

Articles (7)

BGSU Telephone FAQ/General Information

BGSU telephone FAQ with information regarding: international calls, levels of access, disabling video, rebooting, changing name/voicemail.

BGSU Telephone Package of Services & Models

Description of BGSU telephone standard package of services and information regarding types of phones/models available.

Can I Move My University Telephone to a New Location on Campus?

Information on moving and/or returning university telephones.

Cisco Finesse Call Center Device Selection Options

Instructions for switching between call center devices within Cisco Finesse.

Enable/Disable Cisco Mobility Feature

Use this article on how to use the Cisco Mobility feature for your Cisco phone.

Residence Hall Phone Service

How to request telephone service be set up in BGSU residence hall rooms

Telephone Directory Change to Student Data

Information on making changes to student Telephone Directory data.