Self-help guides and general information regarding University telephones.

Articles (17)

BGSU Telephone Package of Services

Description of BGSU telephone standard package of services

Blocking Numbers On a University Phone

Information regarding blocking phone numbers on a University telephone..

Changing the Name/Voicemail On a University Telephone

Instructions for requesting a change to a BGSU telephone display name or voicemail.

Cisco 8945 IP Documentation

Helpful information about the Cisco 8945 IP phone.

Cisco 9951 IP Phone Information

Helpful information about the Cisco 9951 IP phone.

Disabling Video On a University Phone

Instructions for disabling video on a BGSU telephone.

Enable/Disable Cisco Mobility Feature

Use this article on how to use the Cisco Mobility feature for your Cisco phone.

How Do I Make an International Call Using My University Telephone?

Instructions for making international calls from a BGSU phone.

Rebooting Your Cisco Desk Telephone

The troubleshooting steps can be used for when your Cisco Telephone may not be booting or has spinning icon that will not go away.

Residence Hall Phone Service

How to request telephone service be set up in BGSU residence hall rooms

Telephone Directory Change to Student Data

Information on making changes to student Telephone Directory data.

Telephone Level of Calling Access

This article covers levels of calling access for on campus phones.

University Telephone Display Black/Not Showing BGSU Background

Information regarding university telephone display settings.

Using Jabber to Answer your University Phone When Working Off-Campus: An Extension of Your University Phone (Softphone)

Instructions for faculty/staff who wish to use their university device to make calls from their BGSU phone extension via Jabber.

Using Your University Phone to Make a Warm Transfer

Instructions for making a warm transfer on a BGSU phone.

What Types of Telephones Are Available to BGSU Employees?

Information on the various BGSU telephone options.