How Do I Enable/Disable the Cisco Mobility Feature?


How do I use Cisco Mobility feature on your Cisco telephone?


The Cisco Mobility Feature allows calls to ring simultaneously with your desk phone and cell phone. Use this article if the Cisco Mobility feature has already been enabled for your profile and want to enable/disable the feature. The service can also be turned on and off during a limited schedule of your choosing.

  1. On your Cisco desk phone, tap the Mobility key.
    • You may need to press more to get the Mobility options.
  2. An option should be shown to Enable/ Disable the Mobility Feature.
  3. Once disabled, calls will only go to your desk phone.
  4. Once enabled, calls will begin to go to your desk phone and cell phone.

Alternative Method:  You may also enable/disable the feature online

  1. Navigate to and sign in using your BGSU username and password.
  2. Once signed in, Select the Alternate numbers button.
  3. Uncheck the check box under the Reach Me Anywhere section.
  4. Select the Pencil icon, this will allow you to set a schedule on when calls can be and cannot be forwarded to your cell phone.
  5. Select Ok.

Video Instructions

 For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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