Canvas Studio is a platform for uploading videos for use Canvas Courses. Consult this category for helpful information on using Canvas Studio.

Articles (8)

Canvas Studio not recording video (only audio) on Mac Devices

Instructions for fixing a camera issue in Canvas Studio on a Mac.

How to Add and Fix Narration with Canvas Studio

Instructions for adding or fixing narration to videos using Canvas Studio.

How to Edit Cursor Effects in Canvas Studio

Instructions for hiding/editing your cursor in a Canvas Studio recording.

Installing Canvas Studio Screen Recorder

This article details the process for installing the Screen Recording application for Canvas Studio.

Pan and Zoom in Canvas Studio

Information on how to pan and zoom using Canvas Studio

Recovering a Lost Canvas Studio Recording

Instructions for recovering "lost" Canvas Studio recordings.

Using the Cut Tool in Canvas Studio

Instructions for using the cut tool in Canvas Studio to fix narration.

What is Canvas Studio?

Information on why and how to use the Canvas Studio to share videos with your students.