How to Add and Fix Narration with Canvas Studio


How do I add and fix narration with Canvas Studio


  1. After you have recorded your video select Edit on the preview screen.
  2. Select the point on your timeline where you would like to add or replace narration in your video.
  3. Select Tools followed by Narrate.
  4. A purple bar will appear across your timeline, showing you where your narration will be added. To adjust the location of the narration, click and drag the purple bar to where you would like it. You can also choose Select All to re-record all of your narration. Or choose the right and left arrows to re-record everything to the right or left of the purple bar on your timeline.
  5. If you would like to preview the area you selected, select the Preview button. It will start a few seconds before your selection and then replace your selection with silence and stop shortly after your selection.
  6. Once you have your purple bars positioned on your timeline, select the blue Start button. This will bring up the Narration recorder with controls to record the narration while watching back your video.
  7. Select Narration to change your microphone. Select Webcam to enable recording from your webcam.
  8. When you are ready to record, select the red Record button, and start recording your narration.
  9. If you mess up in your narration and would like to start over, press the Pause button and then select the trash can icon. This will delete any audio you recorded but will keep any hold markers you added to the timeline. There is a hold automatically at the end of your video to make sure you will not be cut off before you are finished speaking.
  10. When you are finished narrating, select Done. A purple span will show on the timeline where your narration was added.
  11. If you want to remove the narration before uploading to Canvas, click on the timeline within the purple span. Select the purple microphone icon then select Remove.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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