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Instructions for adding/editing Parent and Family Contacts.
Instructions for creating a new Bridge Program and how to add users/groups to a program.
Information on how to create a new Bridge course, add content, upload SCORM/PowerPoint packages to a course, add videos to a course, add a new user to a course, view course summary details, override enrollment data and/or export course reports/data.
How to add content to digital signs.
Instructions for adding printing funds to your BG1 Card, how to track available funds and what to do if your card indicates a lack of funds.
Information on joining a meeting, scheduling a meeting, meeting invites, etc.
Instructions for adding a new Tester to the OnBase QA Test Scripts application.
Information on using OnBase QA Test Scripts as a Functional Lead, including: viewing project test scripts, adding/deleting test scripts, editing test scripts & test script filters.
Instructions for managing (adding, removing, importing) ListServ subscribers.
Instructions for integrating Top Hat with your Canvas course.
Instructions for creating and editing SharePoint pages.
Instructions for adding a hidden calendar to Outlook/Webmail.
Instructions for adding or fixing narration to videos using Canvas Studio.
Instructions for adding a student to your Canvas course.
How to add/remove a Mac Mail account on an iOS device