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Changing the Conversation Setting in Webmail

Directions on updating webmail Conversation Settings so messages display in chronological order instead of grouped by conversation.

Changing Time Zone for Webmail

Use this article when email time stamps are incorrect. This would apply for both sent and received emails.

How to Add A Hidden Calendar to Outlook/Webmail

Instructions for adding a hidden calendar to Outlook/Webmail.

Opening a Shared Calendar on Webmail

Directions for opening a shared webmail calendar

Opening Office Shared Account in Webmail

Opening a shared office account

Outlook Webmail Calendar Tips

Video outlining Outlook webmail calendar tips.

Outlook/Webmail Focused Inbox and How Can I Turn It Off?

Information about the Microsoft Focused Inbox feature

Sharing Your Personal Calendar in Webmail

How to share your personal calendar using webmail

Webmail Contact Lists

Instructions for creating and sending emails to a contact list in BGSU webmail.

Webmail: How Do I Remove Inbox Rules?

Removing Outlook inbox rules