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The process for requesting a university-owned device.

Use this service for new software installs after reviewing the standard office software available for installation on University-owned computers.

Request a new folder be created or a change made to an existing file share.

Add or remove individual access to the email account or shared calendar.

Use this page to make changes to your office telephone display or voicemail.

Assistance getting your personal device connected to the internet and services while at BGSU.

General issues with university devices including hardware and peripheral device issues.

Use the information on this page for assistance installing Office 365 on your personal machine(s).

Remote Print provides users with the ability to conveniently print documents from their own devices to both ITS Lab Locations as well as a variety of stand alone stations all over campus.

Review this page for information on obtaining CSS Security Access. CSS is the acronym for Campus Solutions, BGSU’s enterprise application for storing and maintaining student data.

Request new instructional software, or request an upgrade to existing software on devices in a BGSU computer lab or classroom.

OneDrive provides users with a file storage solution that allows for sharing and collaboration with individuals both on and off campus similar to Dropbox.

Use the form on this page to submit a Project Evaluation Request to ITS.

Report an issue with your university telephone.

BGSU Firelands Technology Support Services (OTSS) offers a variety of services for use by any BGSU student, faculty, or staff member. You will use this page to submit work requests to OTSS for services on the Firelands Campus.

Request BGSU VPN access.

Request assistance moving your computer or telephone equipment to another location on campus.

Financial Management Solutions (FMS) is BGSU's enterprise application for storing and maintaining financial data. To request FMS security access please complete the necessary steps listed on this page.

Use this page to report an issue with software installed on a lab or classroom computer.

Use this service to request a Remote Desktop Connection via VPN.

The information on this page will assist users with requesting access to CSS training. Please note that CSS training must be completed prior to being granted access to the system.

Use this page for information on purchasing a discounted Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Use this page to reset your BGSU voicemail PIN.

Fill out the form on this page to request a new ListServ be setup for your use.

Please Note: BGSU listserv list owners must be active BGSU account holders and the associated BGSU account must be used to moderate lists.

BGSU can provide a shared office email or group calendar account. All email accounts will also come with calendars, but it is possible to setup a calendar without an attached email account.