Information on enabling Two Factor Authentication for email, adding a secondary/new device, Duo-supported email clients as well as other FAQs.

Additional information on Duo Two Factor Authentication is available at

Articles (8)

Do I Have to Authenticate Using Duo Every Time I Check My Email?

How to configure Duo so that you do not need to authenticate every time you check your email.

Email Clients That Support Duo Two Factor Authentication

A breakdown of the email clients that support Two Factor Authentication for BGSU email.

How do I setup Two Factor Authentication using Duo?

Explanation of options available and instructions for setting up Two Factor Authentication using each method.

Can I access Canvas without using Duo?

Information about accessing Canvas with Two Factor Authentication protection

I forgot my Duo Device at home, How do I Authenticate?

How to authenticate when you have forgotten your registered Two Factor device.

My Duo Device has been Lost/Stolen/Destroyed

How to proceed if your Duo authentication device is no longer available

How do I add a secondary/ new Duo Device?

Instruction on how to add a new device to the Duo Authentication system

I Am Traveling Out of the Country, How do I use Duo?

How to obtain a temporary Two Factor Authentication security token