Instructions for scheduling/joining meetings and making phone calls in Microsoft Teams.

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Pinned Article Joining a Microsoft Teams Meeting

Instructions for joining a Teams meeting.

Can I Invite a Listserv to a Meeting in Microsoft Teams?

Information regarding Listservs and meeting invites.

How Can I Avoid Joining a Meeting as a Guest in Microsoft Teams?

Information regarding entering an MS Teams meeting as a "guest"

How Soon Before a Microsoft Teams Meeting Can Someone Join?

Information regarding how far in advance one can join a meeting.

Making a Call in Microsoft Teams

Instructions on making calls via Microsoft Teams.

Meetings Toolbar

Information about the Meetings Toolbar.

Microsoft Teams Meetings Best Practices

Best practices to note when hosting and attending meetings in Microsoft Teams

Recording a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

Information on recording Teams meetings.

Schedule a Meeting In Microsoft Teams

Instructions for scheduling a meeting in Microsoft Teams

Using the Meet Now Feature

Instructions for using the Meet Now feature in Teams.

Using the Microsoft Teams Calendar

Information about using the Microsoft Teams calendar.

What is the Maximum Capacity for a Microsoft Teams Meeting?

Information on the maximum number of participants permitted in a Microsoft Teams Meeting

When Scheduling a Meeting in Microsoft Teams, Must You Include Yourself?

Information regarding scheduling meetings without your involvement in MS Teams.