Instructions for scheduling/joining meetings, making phone calls and chatting in Microsoft Teams.

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Pinned Article Scheduling/Joining a MS Teams Meeting

Information on joining a meeting, scheduling a meeting, meeting invites, etc.

Managing/Recording a MS Teams Meeting

Documentation for recording MS Teams meetings, the MS Teams toolbar/settings, etc.

Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms

Instructions for creating breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Chats

Information on using Microsoft Teams chats including starting a chat with an individual, group chats, renaming a group chat, hiding/unhiding a chat, deleting chats, etc.

MS Teams Calls

Instructions on making calls via Microsoft Teams.

Updating MS Teams Meeting Lobby Participant Settings

Information on bypassing the MS Teams meeting lobby.

Using a Connected Conference Room to Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting

Using a connected conference room to join a Microsoft Teams Meeting.

Using the Microsoft Teams Calendar

Information about using the Microsoft Teams calendar.