Making a Call in Microsoft Teams


How do I make a call in Microsoft Teams?


There are multiple ways to make a call within Microsoft Teams. 

Making a Call from Within a Chat

  1. Navigate to the chat with the person whom you would like to call.
  2. Select the video icon to make a video call, or the phone icon to make an audio call.

Making a Call Using a Command Prompt

  1. Navigate to the command/search box at the top of Microsoft Teams.
  2. Type "/call" into the box
  3. Begin typing the contact name you would call and select their name when it appears on the list.  
  4. This will begin your call.

Making a Call from a Users Profile Photo

  1. From anywhere in Teams, hover over the profile picture/icon of the person you would like to call.
  2. Select Video call (video icon) or Audio call (phone icon) from their contact card.

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