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Information about using the Microsoft Teams calendar.
Information on using Microsoft Teams chats including starting a chat with an individual, group chats, renaming a group chat, hiding/unhiding a chat, deleting chats, etc.
Information on joining a meeting, scheduling a meeting, meeting invites, etc.
Instructions for creating breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams.
Instructions on making calls via Microsoft Teams.
Documentation for recording MS Teams meetings, the MS Teams toolbar/settings, etc.
Link to Microsoft Teams' support website.
Information regarding Channels within Microsoft Teams, including creating a Channel, adding tabs to Channels, hiding/unhiding a Channel, Channel notifications/settings, etc.
Information on joining/leave a Microsoft Team and managing settings/permissions.
Information on the Assignments functionality.
Information regarding the use of apps within Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.
Information regarding MS Teams external users.
Information on adding a link to you SharePoint Document Library to an MS Teams channel.
Microsoft Teams troubleshooting steps.
Instructions for accessing the Microsoft Teams web application.