Creating/Managing MS Teams Channels


How do I create/manage a Microsoft Teams Channel?


General Information About Microsoft Teams Channels

  • Channels are dedicated sections within an MS Team to keep conversations, files, topics, projects, etc., organized.
  • Files shared in Channels are stored in SharePoint. Each channel creates a new folder within the team's SharePoint Site. 
  • Channels can be open to all Team Members or they can be private.
  • Tabs/shortcuts can be added to the top of each Channel to help keep topics and files organized.
  • Each Team can have up to 200 public Channels, plus an additional 30 private Channels.   
  • Deleted channels can be restored within 30 days. During the 30 day window, a deleted channel continues to be counted towards the 200 channel or 30 private channel per team limit. After 30 days, channel and contents are permanently deleted.

Microsoft Teams Channels How To Articles

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