Self-help guides for setting up and using Microsoft Teams and Channels.

Articles (11)

Adding MS Teams Channel Tabs

Instructions for adding and removing Channel tabs.

Creating a MS Teams Channel

Instructions for creating a new Channel in Microsoft Teams.

Hiding/Unhiding a Channel in MS Teams

Instructions for hiding and unhiding Channels.

How Does the MS Team Owner Generate a Team Code for Inviting New People to a Team?

Instructions for generating a Team code for inviting users to your Team.

Joining a MS Team

Instructions for joining a new Team.

Leaving a MS Team

Instructions for leaving a Team.

Managing MS Team Settings/Permissions

Information on updating Team settings and permissions.

MS Teams Channel Notifications & Settings

Information on Channel notification settings.

What is a MS Teams Channel?

Information regarding Channels within Microsoft Teams

What Is the Maximum Number of Channels Per Team in Microsoft Teams?

Information on the maximum number of Channels per Team.