General information, including personal printing fees and funding information, regarding BGSU personal printing.

Articles (8)

BG1 Card Lack of Funds When Trying To Print

Troubleshooting insufficient BG1 Card print funds.

Can I Put My Own Paper in University Printers?

Information regarding the use of personal paper with university printers.

How Can I Save on Printing Costs?

This guide will help you to reduce cost of printing.

Loading Printing Funds to BG1 Card (Student)

How to load funds into your BG1 Card

On-Campus Student Printing Information

General information regarding student printing options on campus.

Printing Costs

Breakdown of costs for student printing and faculty/staff printing.

Student PaperCut Refunds

Instructions for students to request a PaperCut (printing) refund.

Tracking Print Funds

How to see printing account balance.