Guidelines for using the BGSU telephone and voicemail services.

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BGSU Fax Formatting Information

Details on the components of a BGSU fax server document

BGSU Fax Server Recipient Email Formatting

Instructions for formatting the fax recipient email address.

BGSU Fax Server Supported Attachments

A list of supported BGSU fax server attachment types.

General Fax Server Information

This article has general information regarding the fax server.

Hosted Conference Call FAQ

Hosted Conference FAQ

How Do I Enable/Disable the Cisco Mobility Feature?

Use this article on how to use the Cisco Mobility feature for your Cisco phone.

How Do I Make an International Call Using My University Telephone?

Instructions for making international calls from a BGSU phone.

How Do I Use the BGSU Fax Server to Send a Fax?

Instructions for sending a fax using the BGSU fax server.

Off-Campus Voicemail Access

Instructions for accessing your BGSU office voicemail while away from campus.

Rebooting Your Cisco Desk Telephone

The troubleshooting steps can be used for when your Cisco Telephone may not be booting or has spinning icon that will not go away.

Residence Hall Phone Service

How to request telephone service be set up in BGSU residence hall rooms

Telephone Equipment Service Charges

Costs for BGSU telephone equipment and services

Using Jabber As An Extension of Your University Phone

Instructions for faculty/staff who wish to use their university device to make calls from their BGSU phone extension via Jabber.

Voicemail FAQ

Voicemail basics, how-tos