Information on accessing and using your BGSU voicemail.

Articles (11)

Accessing Your BGSU Voicmail

Instructions for accessing your BGSU voicemail.

Checking Your Voicemail Messages

Instructions for checking your voicemail messages.

Forwarding a Voicemail Message

Self-help guide for forwarding a voicemail message.

How Can I Call or Transfer Directly to Someone's Voicemail?

Instructions for calling a BGSU employee's voicemail directly.

New Voicemail Account Setup

Voicemail setup instructions.

Off-Campus Voicemail Access

Instructions for accessing your BGSU office voicemail while away from campus.

Replying To Voice Messages

Instructions for responding to voice messages

Sending a Voice Message

Instructions for sending a voice message.

Voice Message Delivery Options

A list of voice message delivery options.

Voicemail Shortcuts & Commands

BGSU voicemail shortcut guide.

What System Does BGSU Use for Voicemail?

Information on BGSU's voicemail service provider.