Information on BGSU classrooms including: equipment training & checkout, classroom descriptions and scheduling, and general classroom issue troubleshooting.

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Cisco Telepresence

Information on how to use the Cisco Telepresence equipment in select BGSU classrooms.

Classroom Issue Troubleshooting

Self-help articles for troubleshooting audio issues and setting up Cisco Webex and PowerPoint in the classroom.

Classroom Scheduling

View a list of General Use Classrooms and find information on using the 25Live software for scheduling classrooms.

Classrooms Descriptions

These descriptions give a full list of equipment within each classroom on campus. They also provide links to each room's recommended training.

Please Note: Many instructor devices in BGSU classrooms do NOT include HDMI cables. If you plan to connect your own device to the classroom AV system, please be sure to bring one with you. Departments can purchase HDMI cables per our Device & Accessory Purchasing Guidelines -

Equipment Training & Checkout

Guides for using standard classroom equipment, unique room guides and information on checking out equipment. For more information on what equipment might be available in your specific room, please review our classroom descriptions located at

Articles (5)

Classroom and Conference Room Support Overview

Breakdown of ITS support provided for BGSU classrooms and conference rooms.

How do I know what technology is available in my classroom?

How to determine the technology available in a specific classroom

Lab and Classroom Construction Projects

Important IT information for lab and classroom construction projects.

Reporting Non-Technology Issues In a Classroom or Lab

Issues with Room temperature, Furniture in-room or Damage to walls, carpet, ceiling, or doors.

Setting the Audio in Zoom While Teaching In a Classroom

Instructions for setting the audio in Zoom while teaching in the classroom.