Reporting Non-Technology Issues In a Classroom or Lab


How do I report an issue with something other than technology in a classroom or a lab?

  • Room temperature 
  • Furniture in room
  • Damage to walls, carpet, ceiling, or doors


Fill out a Campus Operations Work Order.

For Incidents Requiring an Immediate Response

Contact the appropriate department to report the incident. 

  1. During normal operating hours, call Campus Operations at 419-372-2251
  2. Nights or weekends, call BGSU Police at 419-372-2346


Reporting an Emergency

Examples of an emergency would be fire, flood, accident, serious illness or injury, or a crime in progress

  1. Contact BGSU Police at 419-372-2346 or call 911

  2. Once you are safe, contact your supervisor to make them aware of the incident


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