Information regarding the ITS process for keeping university devices on the most current version of the Windows operating system.

Articles (8)

Checking Your Windows 10 Version Number

Instructions for checking your Windows version number.

How Do I Know If My Device Needs a Version Upgrade?

Information regarding how it is determined if a device needs a version update.

Upgrade University Device to Latest Windows Operating System

Instructions for upgraded your university-owned Windows device to the latest Windows OS version.

What Do I Need to Do if Selected for a Version Upgrade?

Instructions for devices needing a version update.

What If I Have Multiple Devices Needing a Windows Version Update?

Information regarding multiple devices needing a Windows version update.

What is a Version Update?

Explanation of Windows version updates.

What Windows 10 Version Am I Currently Running?

Instructions for checking your current Windows 10 version.

Why Do We Need to Stay Up-To-Date on Operating System Versions?

Explanation of why version updates are necessary.