Instructions for using and troubleshooting issues with the PeopleSoft Web Clock tool.

Articles (8)

How Do I Access Web Clock?

Information on how to access the student Web Clock tool.

New Employee Not Showing Up for Supervisor in Web Clock

Information regarding why a new student employee may not show up on the supervisor time sheet view.

Student Web Clock Training

Instructions and training for using the student Web Clock tool.

Web Clock Contact Information

Contact information for Web Clock questions and support.

Web Clock Error: "User Is Not an Authorized Time Reporter"

Information on the "user is not an authorized time reporter” Web Clock error.

Web Clock Locked Out or Unable to Log In

Resolution steps for clients locked out of web clock or prompted to log into web clock

What Is the Web Clock Tool?

Information about the Web Clock tool.

Why Do I Receive an Access BGSU Error When Trying to Access Web Clock?

Troubleshooting information for the Web Clock "Access BGSU Error".