Articles regarding scheduling meetings, meeting controls, Zoom recordings and more.

Articles (37)

Are My Zoom Cloud Recordings Secure?

Instructions for creating secure cloud recordings.

Assign Students to Breakout Rooms Prior to Meeting Time

Setting up Zoom breakout rooms ahead of meeting time.

Best Practices for Large Zoom Meetings

Best practices for hosting large Zoom meetings.

Can I Host Concurrent Zoom Meetings?

Information on hosting concurrent Zoom meetings.

Editing a Zoom Cloud Recording

Editing Zoom cloud recordings.

Editing Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Instructions for editing pre-assigned Zoom breakout rooms.

Enable Zoom Meeting Registration

Instructions for enabling Zoom meeting registration.

Finding and Viewing a Zoom Recording

How to find and view your Zoom recordings.

How Do I Create a Secure Meeting in Zoom

Instructions for creating secure Zoom meetings.

Joining a Zoom Meeting

Instructions for joining a Zoom meeting.

Joining Multiple Meetings Simultaneously From the Zoom Desktop Application

How to join multiple Zoom meetings simultaneously using the desktop application.

Mute/Unmute All In Zoom

Information on muting/unmuting Zoom meeting participants.

Recording a Zoom Meeting

Information regarding recording Zoom meetings to the cloud or locally.

Saving/Reusing Zoom Breakout Room Assignments

Information about recovering previously used breakout rooms.

Schedule a Zoom Meeting in a Cisco Telepresence Room

Instructions for scheduling a Zoom meeting in one of the BGSU Cisco Telepresence rooms.

Scheduling a Meeting Using the Zoom Web Application

Information on scheduling a Zoom meeting using the Zoom web application.

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting via Outlook

Instructions for scheduling a Zoom meeting via Outlook.

Setting Password Requirements for Meetings Using Your Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PMI)

Instructions for requiring passwords for Zoom meetings using your PMI.

Setting the Audio in Zoom While Teaching In a Classroom

Instructions for setting the audio in Zoom while teaching in the classroom.

Sharing a Zoom Recording

Instructions for sharing Zoom recordings.

Sharing Your Screen In Zoom

Information on sharing your screen in Zoom.

Students Can't See Zoom Recordings

Troubleshooting steps for Zoom recordings.

Using a Telepresence Room to Join a Zoom Meeting

Instructions for joining or hosting a Zoom meeting from a telepresence room.

Using the Zoom Chat Box

Information on using the chat box during a Zoom meeting.

Using Your Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PMI)

Instructions for using your Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PID).

Zoom Alternative Host

Information on designating a user as an alternative host in Zoom.

Zoom Attendance Reports

Instructions for viewing Zoom meeting attendance/participant reports.

Zoom Audio Transcripts

Information about Zoom audio transcriptions.

Zoom Automatic Recording Feature

Information regarding the Zoom automatic meeting recording feature.

Zoom Breakout Rooms

Information regarding Zoom breakout rooms.

Zoom Cloud Recording Retention Period

Information regarding how long Zoom cloud recordings are retained.

Zoom Co-Host

Information on Zoom co-hosts.

Zoom Meeting Controls

Details about host and co-host meeting controls available in Zoom.

Zoom Meeting Password/Passcode Requirements

Information about Zoom meeting passcode requirement at BGSU.

Zoom Meetings Scheduled in Personal Account Not Displaying in BGSU Zoom Account

Troubleshooting steps for issues converting a personal Zoom account to a BGSU zoom account.

Zoom Recordings Without the Host

Instructions for recording a Zoom meeting without the host.

Zoom Security Best Practices

Best practices for securing your Zoom meetings and events.