Self-help guides for using the Outlook calendar tool.

Articles (14)

Adding a Secondary or Shared Outlook Email/Calendar

Instructions for adding/opening an office (shared) email account or calendar in Outlook for Office 365.

Adding an Office Email Account/ Office Calendar on a Mac

Use this article to open a shared mailbox as an additional inbox on Outlook 2016 for Mac.

Adding Office Email Account/ Office Calendar on a PC

Instructions for adding a shared office account using Outlook 2016 for PCs

Do Shared Calendars Work in the Outlook Mobile App?

Information on using shared calendars in the Outlook mobile app.

How Do I Add the Microsoft Teams Add-In to Outlook?

Information on adding the Microsoft Teams add-in to Outlook.

How Do I Find the Owner of a Shared Email/Calendar Account?

Information on shared email/calendar account owners.

How Do I Grant Access to a Shared Office Account Calendar?

Instructions for granting read-only or read/write access to your Shared Office Account calendar.

How to Add A Hidden Calendar to Outlook/Webmail

Instructions for adding a hidden calendar to Outlook/Webmail.

How to Create an Email Signature in Outlook

How to make a signature for BGSU email.

Outlook Desktop App Calendar Tips

Video outlining basic Outlook desktop application tips.

Outlook Not Syncing

Instructions for troubleshooting Outlook sync/connection issues.

Outlook Search - No Results (macOS)

Instructions for fixing Outlook search issue on macOS devices.

Set Outlook Calendar to Indicate Working Elsewhere (Remotely)

Instructions for setting your BGSU Outlook Calendar to a working elsewhere (remotely) status.

Sharing Your Outlook Personal Calendar

Sharing your personal calendar using Outlook