Guides for faculty/staff wishing to print using BGSU printers, including: printer support, print costs, faxing and general BGSU print features.

Articles (11)

Pinned Article Contact Printer Support (ComDoc)

Comdoc contact information and hours.

Pinned Article Office Printing Video Guides

Video training for BGSU print devices

Pinned Article What is PaperCut?

Explanation of PaperCut

BGSU Guest Printing

Information on Guest Printing.

Can I Fax From My Office Printer?

Explanation on faxing capabilities of new printing devices

How Are Charges Allocated With Campus Printers?

Information on costs incurred when printing to the new campus devices.

How Do I Access an Office Copier/Printer?

How to access an office copier/printer.

How Do I Add Contacts to My Office Printer Address Book?

Instructions on adding contacts to your Address Book

I Recently Changed My BGSU Password and Now I Can't Print to My Office Printer, What Do I Do?

What to do if you can no longer print after changing your BGSU password.

Install Print Driver for Windows Office Devices

Instructions for installing the Falcon Print printer driver on a Windows office device.