Falcon Info: STARS provides analytical reporting on critical aspects of University operations in order to increase the effectiveness of strategic decision making. STARS not only answers the "Who, What, When and Where" of University operations; it cross-references this information to derive "Why" specific situations and actions lead to corresponding outcomes. Data can be analyzed over time to establish trends and better predict future opportunities.

To login to the Falcon Info: STARS Data Warehouse, please follow the link below.

Services (5)

Falcon Info: STARS Access Request

Use this page to request access to Falcon Info:STARS

Report Data Warehouse Data Error (Falcon Info: STARS)

Use this service to report a possible data error within the data warehouse.

Report Data Warehouse Function Issue (Falcon Info: STARS)

This service is to allow data warehouse users to report problems with the way the data warehouse is functioning.

Request Modification to Existing Report (Falcon Info: STARS)

Use this page to request a modification to an existing data warehouse report.

Request New Report/Analysis (Falcon Info: STARS)

Request a new report/analysis for development within the data warehouse.