Information on using SharePoint Sites for file collaboration.

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Pinned Article Accessing a SharePoint Site

How to access your SharePoint Site

SharePoint Sites Basic User Training

SharePoint Sites basic user training information.

SharePoint Site Owner Training

Access to SharePoint Sites Owner training documentation and videos.

SharePoint Best Practices

Advice when using SharePoint Sites

SharePoint Documents/Libraries

Information on how to better organize a SharePoint library, how to share documents, managing document versions, etc.

SharePoint Task Lists

Instructions for creating, managing, modifying and viewing SharePoint task lists and timelines.

SharePoint Calendars

Self-help guide for creating a SharePoint calendar

SharePoint Pages

Instructions for creating and editing SharePoint pages.

Deleting a SharePoint Site

Instructions for deleting a SharePoint Site.

SharePoint/Microsoft Teams App Addins

Information regarding the use of apps within Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Is SharePoint Recommend for Student Organizations?

Should student organizations use SharePoint Sites?

Where Can I Find Extensive SharePoint Support/Assistance?

Information on where to find extensive SharePoint self-help and support articles.