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Articles (14)

A List Recipient Is Receiving Error Messages

How to remove users from receiving list error messages.

Can a ListServ Subscribe to Another ListServ?

How to subscribe a ListServ to another ListServ

How Do I Create an Auto-Response for ListServ?

Describes how to set up a ListServ with an auto-response message.

How do I import an entire list of subscribers using ListServ?

Guide for both PC and Mac on importing subscribers from a text file.

List Owner Receiving Multiple "X-Type" Errors From ListServ

What to do if you are receiving "x-type" errors from a ListServ.

ListServ Attachment Restrictions

Size restrictions when sending attachments through ListServ

Listserv Is Receiving Spam and Virus Attempts

If your ListServ is receiving virus threats or spam emails, please give ITS a call.

ListServ Not Sending Messages; Sender Receives Hold Message

Instructions for freeing messages placed on hold.

ListServ Unauthorized Error Message

Instructions for verifying a user is authorized to send to a ListServ.

New ListServ Will Not Send Emails

If your ListServ is not sending messages, it may be because no members are listed as subscribers.

Receiving Duplicate Copies From a ListServ

Reasoning for receiving two copies of the same message

Sender Receiving A "Number of Lines Exceeded Error" Message

How to avoid receiving this type of error message.

Unable to Remove Users From a ListServ

Removing corrupted email addresses from a list.

Why Did My ListServ Message Stop Delivering?

ListServ message delivery and potential delays.