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Add or remove individual access to the email account or shared calendar.

Information on equipment available for web conferencing at BGSU

Request a new folder be created or a change made to an existing file share.

Guide on how to update the web based video viewer or Video Viewer Application for use with Lionel OnGuard.

Assistance getting your personal device connected to the internet and services while at BGSU.

Use this page to request temporary access to the PCI network for your register(s) that accept credit card payments.

OneDrive provides users with a file storage solution that allows for sharing and collaboration with individuals both on and off campus similar to Dropbox.

Use the information on this page for assistance installing Office 365 on your personal machine(s).

Review the hardware available in ITS managed computer labs on campus.

Use this page to cancel a currently scheduled lab reservation.

Request an ITS lab reservation and review the lab reservation schedule.

Faculty and staff can use this page to schedule a WebEx meeting.

Request changes be made to your faculty/staff data listed in the BGSU Telephone Directory.

Use the form on this page to submit a Project Evaluation Request to ITS.

Request a university-owned device such as a computer, iPad, or monitor. This could be a purchase request, a quote request, a gently used request, or a request for a new hire (faculty or staff).

Use this service for new software installs after reviewing the standard office software available for installation on University-owned computers.

Remote Print provides users with the ability to conveniently print documents from their own devices to both ITS Lab Locations as well as a variety of stand alone stations all over campus.

General issues with university devices including hardware and peripheral device issues.

BGSU's secure wireless network available for use by current students, faculty and staff.

Request a new BGSU Account here and learn more about the services provided and accounts that sync with your BGSU Account.

Many campus systems will automatically stay in sync with your main BGSU Password. Use the information on this page to assist you in changing or recovering that password.

Information on CMS training available at BGSU.

A Sponsored Guest is short-to-medium term visitor to BGSU requiring internet access similar to that of a student. This also includes guests who do not receive text messages.

Use this page to access the Atomic Learning training resource.

Use this page for information on ordering supplies for your office printer or multifunction device.