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BGSU offers the Cisco Registered Envelope Service (CRES) as a tool for sending and receiving secure email messages and attachments.

Assistance getting your personal device connected to the internet and services while at BGSU.

OneDrive provides users with a file storage solution that allows for sharing and collaboration with individuals both on and off campus similar to Dropbox.

Guidelines for requesting classroom technology equipment training

Request the installation of a new telephone service.

Review the hardware available in ITS managed computer labs on campus.

Information on creating and posting to a BGSU blog.

Use this page to access the Atomic Learning training resource.

The information on this page will assist users with requesting access to CSS training. Please note that CSS training must be completed prior to being granted access to the system.

Report an issue with AEM, BGSU's Content Management System

Report an issue with your digital signs or the Four Winds software. If this is an immediate need, please call the Technology Support Center at 419-372-0999

Use this page to request access to the BGSU Web Report Library

Use this page to request access to iData Cookbook Data Dictionary

Use this page to request administrative access for Assessment Review.

BGSU can provide a shared office email or group calendar account. All email accounts will also come with calendars, but it is possible to setup a calendar without an attached email account.

Guide on how to update the web based video viewer or Video Viewer Application for use with Lionel OnGuard.

Request an ITS lab reservation and review the lab reservation schedule.

Request changes be made to your faculty/staff data listed in the BGSU Telephone Directory.

Report an issue with the BGSU website

Request a new report/analysis for development within the data warehouse.

Use the information provided on this page to access your account via the web, a program, or your mobile device.

A monthly cell phone stipend is provided for business use of a faculty or staff's personal mobile device.

Use this page for information on making international calls from the BGSU campus.

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is used to run large statistical operations and return data. Students, and students only, may bring their personal machines to the Technology Support Center (TSC) to have SAS installed on their personal devices.

Use this page to request temporary access to the PCI network for your register(s) that accept credit card payments.