Request new office printer, PaperCut/Print Responsibly reports, etc.

BGSU offers printing services at a per-impression cost, to all BGSU offices and departments as well as scanning features through our multi-function devices. The University has contracted with ComDoc, a company with expertise in managing print services, to manage setup and support of scanning and printing on campus.

Printing on university devices is paid for with a charge per impression. Each area is responsible for providing the paper used in devices.

The costs for faculty/staff printing are:

$0.0225 per printed black and white, one-sided page
$0.15 per printed color, one-sided page

Services (4)

Office Printer Move/Remove

Use this form to request an office printer be relocated or removed.

Office Printer Request

Faculty and staff may request a new printer or multi-function device for their department office using this service.

If you would like to have an existing printer moved/removed, please submit this form:

Print Responsibly / Papercut Billing Questions or Assistance

Request assistance, report a discrepancy with data or ask a question regarding monthly print billing reports.

Request Print Responsibly/PaperCut Report for Office Printer

Additional Print Responsibly/PaperCut reporting for department billing charges.