Articles regarding general settings for BGSU email.

Articles (8)

Configuring Outlook for Mac

The article shows how to configure BGSU email on Outlook for Mac (OS).

Configuring Outlook for Windows

The article can be used to add BGSU email to Outlook on a Windows Machine.

Disabling the Forwarding Function on Your BGSU Email Account

This guide will walk you through disabling the forwarding function within your BGSU email account.

Do Shared Calendars Work in the Outlook Mobile App?

Information on using shared calendars in the Outlook mobile app.

Handling Spam

Information on how BGSU handles SPAM

How Do I Change My Email Display Name?

This article can be used to change your BGSU display name for email and other BGSU applications.

Microsoft Outlook Report Message Add-In

Instructions for using the Microsoft Outlook Report Message add-in.

Sending Large Files Through Email

Instructions on how to send a large file via email.