Articles relating to personal Mac devices.

Articles (9)

Adding an Office Email Account/ Office Calendar on a Mac

Use this article to open a shared mailbox as an additional inbox on Outlook for Mac.

BGSU Data Destruction & Recycling

Lists of approved equipment and other information

Can I Use a Personal Router In My Residence Hall?

Restrictions on using wireless access points

Connect a Personal Computer to Residence Hall Ethernet

Use this guide for registering your personal computer to work on BGSU wired connection (Ethernet)

Connect Mac Computer to eduroam Network

Instructions for connecting your personal Apple computer to the eduroam network at BGSU

Device Repair Services

Information on device repair services offered by ITS.

How Can I Protect My Computer From Viruses?

How to protect your computer from viruses.

How to Perform a DNS Flush on a Mac Device

Use this article to perform DNS flush on a Mac System.

Office 365 Information

Information regarding Office365 licensing, instructions, etc.