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SharePoint is a platform created by Microsoft provided to faculty, staff and students to store and share files in the cloud. As part of BGSU's implementation of Office 365 for email, all active faculty, staff and students are provided access to this resource in two ways: OneDrive for personal use and Sites for business practices.

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OneDrive allows users to store up to 1 Terabyte of files in the cloud for access from anywhere and for sharing with other users.


Sites is a powerful tool that provides departments, project teams and communities at BGSU the ability to share and collaborate on files via the web. Sites are packaged with a variety of valuable features that are not readily available within standard network file shares. Using Sites one can:

- Create team sites and document libraries to keep files organized
- Set controls limiting who can see and/or edit your documents
- Follow documents, people and tags to stay informed about projects and activities
- Post questions and ideas to the newsfeed for users to view and add comments
- Collaborate on Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
- Create versions of files for future comparison
- Use metadata to categorize content and create customized views

Follow this link to view a brief SharePoint Sites video demonstration: