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Network Access

Learn how to connect to the BGSU wireless network, request access to various network services and login to the BGSU Wireless Guest Network.

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Use this page for information on connecting to the secureBG, bgsu or BGSU Guest wireless networks.

BGSU recommends a secure wireless network (secureBG) that does not require consistent log on for current faculty, staff and students.

Wireless Guest Access allows users to connect to the BGSU wireless network for a limited period of time, as a guest. Wireless Guest Access supports three different types of accounts: Current Faculty/Staff/Students, Guest and Sponsored Guest accounts. Each account is specifically tailored to the user's access and timing needs.

Information detailing these networks can be found below.
All BGSU cash registers require a connection through the PCI Network. The BGSU PCI Network refers to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) isolated network used for all devices associated with credit card payments at BGSU. The PCI has created a data security standard that everyone who accepts credit card payments must comply with. As a part of that standard, devices that accept, transfer or process credit card payments must be isolated from everything else on a network. Thus, any BGSU affiliate wishing to set up a cash register in a location that has not previously been setup on this private network must request a temporary PCI jack.
Request a new data drop or BGSU Internet Connection (BIC) be installed in your office or facility.