Information regarding Zoom security.

Articles (8)

Are My Zoom Cloud Recordings Secure?

Instructions for creating secure cloud recordings.

Enable Zoom Meeting Registration

Instructions for enabling Zoom meeting registration.

How Do I Create a Secure Meeting in Zoom

Instructions for creating secure Zoom meetings.

Securing a Remote or Hybrid Course Using Zoom

Setting changes to make Zoom meetings and classes more secure.

Setting Password Requirements for Meetings Using Your Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PMI)

Instructions for requiring passwords for Zoom meetings using your PMI.

Video Conferencing Disruptions (Webex and Zoom)

Process to follow if there is a disruption in a Webex or Zoom. IE. Meeting take over by third party.

Zoom Meeting Password/Passcode Requirements

Information about Zoom meeting passcode requirement at BGSU.

Zoom Security Best Practices

Best practices for securing your Zoom meetings and events.