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How to enable Lockdown browser for a quiz.
Use this article to download and install the Respondus Lockdown Browser.
Restricting access to Canvas quizzes based on location
How to add exceptions to your chrome for flash. An exception can be used to run flash without asking.
List of apps to use at BGSU on your Android device
Apps to use at BGSU
Information about accessing Canvas with Two Factor Authentication protection
Use this article to change the role of a student or person within Canvas.
The article explains the What-If Grades feature in Canvas.
Use this guide to learn how to set a quiz within Canvas to have randomized questions and answers.
Use this article article to add a Rubric to an assignment. Please note that once an assignment is published, adding a Rubric may not be an option.
Description of the new WebEx tool in Canvas
If you are having issues with Canvas not loading or not able to submit attachments, please ensure you have a supported internet browser. The article shows which browsers are supported by Canvas.
How to submit a large file for an assignment in canvas using One Drive.
Instructions for accessing submissions of a dropped student in Canvas