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Instructions for managing email notifications in Adobe Sign.
How to make a signature for BGSU email.
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Example and characteristic breakdown of BGSU password management email messages.
Instructions for creating an invitation list for a Webex event that generates a direct email communication to the recipient.
Instructions on how to send a large file via email.
This article can be used to change your BGSU chosen name for email and other BGSU applications.
Information regarding email applications supported by ITS.
Instructions for troubleshooting Outlook sync/connection issues.
Video outlining Outlook webmail calendar tips.
A breakdown of the email clients that support Two Factor Authentication for BGSU email.
How to configure Duo so that you do not need to authenticate every time you check your email.
Instructions for creating and sending emails to a contact list in BGSU webmail.
How to add/remove a Mac Mail account on an iOS device
Instructions for setting up your BGSU email using the Outlook app on both iOS and Android devices.