Outlook Not Syncing


My Outlook will not sync, what can I do?


If your Outlook is not syncing, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Ensure Outlook is connected to Microsoft Exchange:
    • On a Windows device, look at the bottom gray bar of the Outlook window. If Outlook is not connected, it will say offline, to the left of the zoom slider. 
    • On a Mac device, if Outlook is not connected, a grey circle with a lightning bolt icon will appear next to your Inbox in the left menu to indicate that your account is offline as in the image below:
  2. If your Outlook indicates that it is offline, select Send/Receive from the top ribbon on Windows, or Sync from the top ribbon on a Mac.
  3. Ensure that you have not selected work offline:
    • On Outlook for Windows, select the Work Offline button under the Send/Receive tab and toggle between offline/online to see if your account connects to Microsoft Exchange. 
    • On Outlook for Mac, select the Outlook menu from the menu bar and select Work Offline to toggle Work Offline mode ON or OFF. When Work Offline is turned ON, a check mark will appear next to this option. Ensure there is no check mark to verify this mode is off.
  4. If your Outlook still does not connect/sync, quit Outlook and then reopen it.
    • If you are prompted for a password, please enter your BGSU password.
  5. When Outlook reopens, check for a connection as in step 1, above.
  6. If you are still not connected/syncing, please restart your device and open Outlook again.
  7. If you are now connected, it may take some time for Outlook to sync your content.
  8. If you still experience syncing issues after trying the above troubleshooting steps, please contact ITS.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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