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Instructions for fixing Outlook search issue on macOS devices.
Details regarding opening external tagged email messages.
Instructions for using the Microsoft Outlook Report Message add-in.
Information about the Microsoft Focused Inbox feature
A breakdown of the email clients that support Two Factor Authentication for BGSU email.
Instructions for setting up your BGSU email using the Outlook app on both iOS and Android devices.
The article can be used to add BGSU email to Outlook on a Windows Machine.
Explanation of what external email tagging is.
How to report a message from an external source that is not properly tagged.
Video outlining basic Outlook desktop application tips.
Information on updating your BGSU email subscriptions.
A self-help guide for adding rules to Outlook messages.
Instructions on how to send a large file via email.
Instructions for requesting an external email address/service be whitelisted.
Information regarding email applications supported by ITS.