Software Purchase & Request Process for University Devices


What happens after I submit a software purchase/request?


Software purchase requests and software install requests typically follow one of the following three scenarios:

Scenario One - If this is a piece of software that has been approved for purchase/install in the past, you will receive a response in your ticket letting you know that the request is approved. From there, you will work with ITS to complete the purchase/installation.

Scenario Two - If the software has recently been requested and denied, the requester will receive notification that the purchase request has been denied. 

Scenario Three - If the request is for new software, or for a product that has not recently been investigated, the request will be routed to the Purchasing Department and General Counsel for review.

  • General Counsel reviews policies to ensure the agreements are compliant with state law and university policy (for more information please review our Terms & Conditions KB article). If they find terms and conditions that the university cannot agree to, they will draft up an Addendum/Amendment with modified terms. ITS and the Purchasing Department will work with the software company on negotiating the Addendum/Amendment. If an agreement is not reached, the software will be denied (requestors may then work with ITS on an alternative solution).
  • If the software company is agreeable to sign the Addendum/Amendment, the document must also be signed by either the CIO or CFO on behalf of BGSU (see: General Counsel 3341-1-7 Delegation of Contract and Signatory Authority). 
  • Once the agreement is signed by all parties the requester will be notified by ITS and a time will be set up to complete the purchase/installation process

*The information above is not limited to just software purchases, but also applies to all software requests/installs, including "free" software. 

**Please note: Software requests typically take a minimum of 45 days to be routed through the approval process.**

Software Install Request - Office Device

Software Install Request - Lab/Classroom

Software Purchase Request

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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